Docker - Docker Compose

Docker compose is a combination of a command line tool and a configuration file. It configures relationships between containers. It can save all "docker container run" settings in an easy-to-read file. You can spin all container up and tear them down using one command.

Docker compose is comprised of 2 things:

  • YAML-formatted file - specify all containers to run, the networks and volumes you need, environment variables, images and all sorts of other configuration

  • a CLI tool docker-compose used for local dev/test automation with those YAML files

1.YAML-formatted file

Here is an example of docker-compose.yml file, the name of it is by default, if you want to use your own name, your can use command docker-compose -f to specify a YAML file with particular name

# Compose YAML format has its own versions: 1, 2, 2.1, 3, 3.1, at least 2 is recommended
version: '2'

      context: .   # use dot to represent the current direcotry
      dockerfile: nginx.Dockerfile
      image: nginx-custom # name you image, but if you name it, you cannot use '--rmi local' to remove the image when use docker-compose down  
      - '80:80'
    image: httpd  # key-value format
    volumes:     # key list format
      - ./html:/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/

Compose can also build your custom images. you need to run docker-compose build to rebuild images if you make some changes of the Dockerfile. The above code is also an example.

Here is a YAML file template:

version: '3.1'  # if no version is specificed then v1 is assumed. Recommend v2 minimum
# the indentation can be 2 or 4 spaces but it does need to be consistent

services:  # containers. same as docker run
  servicename: # a friendly name. this is also DNS name inside network
    image: # Optional if you use build:
    command: # Optional, replace the default CMD specified by the image
    environment: # Optional, same as -e in docker run
    volumes: # Optional, same as -v in docker run

volumes: # Optional, same as docker volume create

networks: # Optional, same as docker network create

2.Docker-compose CLI

It is not a production-grade tool but ideal for local development and test

docker-compose up setup volumes/networks and start all containers. Add -d to run in background

docker-compose down stop all containers and remove containers/volumes/networks. use -v to remove volumes as well.

docker-compose logs to show the log info

docker-compose ps who all the running containers

docker-compose top to show all the services running inside the containers

docker-compose --help to check all the commands you can run

This is very easy to setup a complex environment instead of using a VM. If all your projects had a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml, then "new developer onboarding" would be:

  • git clone
  • docker-compose up



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